Apps for Android

Applications for Android OS creation is one of the most important parts of our portfolio. Our team of experienced developers and designers is capable of creating an unique and bespoke solution from scratch for your needs.


No matter how difficult the task is, we will study it, create the business and development plan and implement the solution. Should it be a native Android application or web app, every single developed software will be implemented in time and according to your needs.


Web apps are more useful for individuals and businesses looking to advertise and promote their products/services or sell online staying mobile.


Native Android applications would be more suited to those who see the potential growth within the stated industry, or are looking to capitalizing on their niche.


No matter what your ultimate goal is, we will prepare a solution for you! 


Frequently applied technologies:


Android: Java, OpenGL, LibGDX, JSON, Scoreloop, AdWhirl, Apsalar, Flury, MS SQL, SQLite, MySQL, PHP, XML, ASP.NET.


Graphic and animation: Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop.


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